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" Who taught you to hate being what God made you? "

- Malcolm X (via flippinbananas)

I never forget a kindness…always paid forward and reciprocated…

A slight…I store in my memory bank knowing the offender will one day require a kindness and that’s real…

- Brennie Thoughts






This is very important if you’re ever in a situation similar this pretend that you’re dead don’t scream and @#!*%

my dad told us this if someone shoots up our school

not even a joke we learned this in Police Explorers and put it on your clothing as well but go quickly because you don’t know where the person is.

i will never not reblog this

Sad truth…this might be the best survival tactic in this situation though gruesome and traumatizing…
Out of all the Siris in the world, I get the one with the nasty attitude. Why? LOL #SiriQua
This will be EVERYTHING…
Emeli Sande - My Kind Of Love

Press on

Even the most optimistic and hopeful people feel like giving up at times…when it’s constantly an uphill battle and all odds are against you…there will always be those rare moments when the voice in your head says, “Why am I doing this? Just turn around and go back.” Then you realize…there’s nowhere to return to…what’s behind you is certain unhappiness and what’s in front of you is uncertain but the possibility of making your dreams come true…well, that is what keeps you from standing still.

Weary and fearful but checked by reality…you press on because there’s no other option…

Logically I know God makes no mistakes but I haven’t reconciled that with my heart…one year ago today you left us…and it feels like yesterday. Baby brother, only brother, my protective big lil brother…I am so eternally grateful for the time we did have but still so hurt and regretful over time lost and wasted…if I could just see you one more time or get one more conversation…I have replayed that last conversation in my head a thousand times and so many things I would say and do differently knowing what I know now. I hope you are finally at peace and proud of the bridges built and repaired since you left as I know how badly you wanted it and I know in my heart I will see you again one day…love you.

SPC Sam Tellu, Jr
Rest in God’s Perfect Peace
Little more than 2 weeks left before the amazing cast of HOODOO LOVE by Katori Hall burns up the Arts Bank stage under the brilliant direction of Malika Oyetimein…Have you gotten your tickets yet? 

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Just a reminder that sometimes things get worse before they get better…don’t give up.
This would motivate me to run a Boston Marathon…EVERYDAY. Lawd… #FridayFineness #LoveThisMan #EYEcandy #BlackGirlsRun #LoveMeSomeIdris 😝😜😁🙌 thanks to my sis @mshulum for this one…lol

Ho11ywood: Relationship Series: So I know its Real


I have been gone for a looooooong minute! But I am back with some new topics :)

Today I want to talk about something that we ALL have experienced:

The guy or the girl who has ALL the right things to say, but they have not made ANY semblance of a step to get towards the dream they are feeding…

No grill, just grind…work now so I can have fun later… #ItWillPayOffInTheEnd